Fred Harrison, art instructor, helps members discover their talent and enjoy creating paintings on Monday mornings. He holds two classes, one for beginners and one for the experienced. There is a $5 surcharge for his time & skill and you must be a member of the Senior Centre.

“For the classes, anyone is welcome regardless of skill level. I will coach beginners in the methods of picture making. For those who are already accomplished, I try to challenge them to continue to push their boundaries, and to be alert to the qualities that create a good composition. My aim is to help everyone do what they want, only better. This includes being a little more aware of the world around us. I taught classes for art associations in the London, Ontario area for several years. I am mainly self-taught.”

Fred Harrison

1:00 pm Auction 45s

Monday afternoons is when you hone your skills at Auction 45’s starting at 1:00 PM.